Signing Words

Signing Words

I chose another easy one star assignment for this next video project, the Signing Words video assignment. In it, we have to finger spell a word and have others guess what it is. During my time in quarantine, I got bored of watching TV and playing video games, so I decided to learn a little bit of ASL (American Sign Language). It was a bit of a random decision, but I enjoyed learning something new, and it came in handy! As I was looking through the video assignment bank, I saw this assignment and thought it would be perfect since I had just started watching videos on it.

I was able to complete this assignment by just taking a video of myself finger spelling a word and posting it on my YouTube channel. Here is the video, can you guess what I’m spelling?

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  • Jacob Barker says:

    Hey Maryanne! I really enjoyed this video for the signing words assignment. I had no idea this was even one of the possible assignments! It seems like a really cool idea. After a little while attempting to translate your word, I think I got it. Don’t want to spoil for everyone else. I love the idea of signing a word and seeing if the audience can figure it out. It allows the audience to get more involved with the video. Great Post!

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