Look, Listen, Analyze

Look, Listen, Analyze

This week we had to pick a movie clip from a playlist to analyze, and I chose a scene from the movie Oceans 12. Here is the clip!

When I first watched this clip without sound, I was able to notice more of the body language of each of the characters, and how the way they interacted with each other can translate a general feel of the conversation without sound. When I saw it again with just the audio, I was able to pay closer attention to the background noises, and I took note of how long a couple of the noises were played.

After seeing the whole clip with both the audio and visual aspects, I began to notice things that I think I would have missed if I had not viewed the two parts separately. For example, I noticed that Linus is constantly looking at Danny and Rusty, mainly for approval and to make sure the conversation was going well, as well as leaning forward and rocking back and forth a lot showing how nervous he was. I also saw that the audio in the clip can give a lot of information, such as when they are all laughing for a very long time, showing that they are going to visit a very powerful person, and that they want to stay on his good side.

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