Week 1/2 Summary

Week 1/2 Summary

Well the first couple of days of digital storytelling were very interesting for me. Though it was very overwhelming at first, I was able to set up my web page and all my social media accounts. I had a bit of a hard time customizing my web page, mainly because I had no idea what I wanted it to look like. I was able to eventually settle on a theme that I thought looked good, and after I finished setting it up, I made my first post. This was the multimodal introduction post, where I also linked my social media accounts. I then went on to look at many of the previous projects and creations done by past students, and they gave me so many ideas for projects in the future. I am really excited to continue with this course and see what other things that are created for this course!

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  • Kyra Anderson says:

    I totally agree, I was super overwhelmed looking at the mid-week assignments but once I got started I realized I was more excited to learn than worried about how much needed to be done!

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