‘Splain That Dystopia In Six Slides’ Tutorial

‘Splain That Dystopia In Six Slides’ Tutorial

To start the final week off, I chose to complete the Splain That Dystopia In Six Slides GIF Assignment. In it, we have to create a GIF using 6 title card slides that set the stage for a dystopian universe. I thought that this would be a good starting assignment for my final project, as a way to set the scene for my story. So here is how I created my GIF.

I first created each of the slides that I was going to use in MS Paint, making each of the canvases the same size and background color. Then I saved them all into the same folder.

After that I opened the first slide, then opened each of the others as a different layer. I then went under Filter > Animation > Playback to view the GIF cycle through each of the slides. I then renamed each of the layers, adding (5000ms) to extend the time that each of the slides plays for.

I then exported it as an animated GIF, and got the final GIF.

I also found this guide very helpful while creating GIFs with GIMP.

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