Reflection on Digital Storytelling

Reflection on Digital Storytelling

At the beginning of the week, I had a vague idea of what digital storytelling was, and even that was barely a definition. This past week has given me a new perspective on what digital storytelling actually is, and how it is used in the modern time.

Through the assignments that I completed this week, I saw that there are so many more ways that people tell stories just through pictures. They do this through many things, like movie posters, game covers, and stock images. I also learned how much editing goes into those pictures.

I also learned how much more goes into photography, and the many elements that go into capturing the perfect photo. I also learned how much the lighting, setting, shadows, and focus of the camera actually play into the final product of the photo shoot.

I have learned so much this week, and I am excited to keep learning about the many aspects of digital storytelling.

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