Design Blitz

Design Blitz

This week we had to complete a Design Blitz, where we had to take pictures that represented some of the concepts of design that we learned this week. I was able to take most of these photos while my family and I were on vacation at the beach. All the photos can be found here on my Flickr.

I started with a photo of the TV stand, stacked with a bunch of other trinkets. After looking at it for some time, I saw that it was a good example of balance, as it shows a level of consistency along each of the shelves.


I moved on to a picture from the view of the beach from the balcony. I saw how much more of the ocean there was, and I though it would be a good example of the concept of dominance, since there is just an ongoing expanse of ocean to match a tiny strip of beach in the area.


This photo was of my bed sheet and its repeating pattern over it. After reading about the concept of rhythm and how it manifests in a lot of repeating patterns, I saw this pattern as a prime example of that, especially how each piece of the pattern links into the next piece.


I originally took this photo as part of a daily create (which can be found here), but after looking at it for some time, I saw that it made for a really great metaphor for current times. As Covid-19 has uprooted most of our lives, and changed many aspects in our routines, it also brings a change into many of the social aspects of our lives. One of these changes is a lockdown of many of the beaches and social areas, and I found this photo, with the bars over the beach, as a good representation of that.


And finally, here is a photo of the sunset, showing a good balance and variation of colors, between the brighter yellows and reds of the sunset contrasting with the darker blues and grays of the sky and the buildings below.


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