A Post-Apocalyptic Love Story

A Post-Apocalyptic Love Story

It all happened so suddenly, no one had time to process what was happening. And no one could ever predict what would happen next. As the entire world prepared for a fight, they all knew that neither side was willing to back down.

Soon after the declaration of war, each and every country scrambled to assemble their troops and defenses. Young men and women were called upon to defend and, if it came to it, lay down their life for their country. One such man was Jacob Cook. After listening to the stories told on the news, he wanted to do his part in helping to win the war. So he decided to enlist into the US Air Force, and after going through basic training, he became one of the best pilots that the Air Force had ever seen. But even that would not prepare him for what came next.

As the war pressed on, it quickly became apparent that neither side was willing to give in, and the stakes were quickly rising. It was when things went nuclear that people realized that there were no winners in this war. There were reports of nuclear explosions hitting major cities, and millions upon millions of lives had been lost. Many were surprised that the earth was able to hold together after the bombs, and what was left was a radiation filled wasteland.

Any assemblance of government had been totally eradicated, and the survivors scattered among the rubble and ruins of what they had before. Some grouped together and created clans, while others adopted a more nomadic lifestyle, moving from place to place just trying to survive. Jacob found himself among those people, as he kept traveling, trying to find any forms of previous society to rejoin. Though he only found destruction in the places he visited, and was forced to either fight or run from any clan he found, as they were less than friendly towards any outsiders.

After wandering for what seemed like months, Jacob found the ruins of a city that nature had started to take back. He eventually found an abandoned building that he could camp out in for a few days while he scouted out the rest of the city. But he could have never guessed what he would find deeper in the city.

After looking through one of the buildings, Jacob started to head back to his camp site, but he kept feeling the strange sensation of being followed, but he saw nothing behind him. He decided to check once and for all, and after turning a corned he hid himself and waited. Around the corner came a young woman, about Jacob’s age, with a bloody bandage wrapped around her arm. He confronted her, and after some discussion, he saw that she was not a threat, and took her back to his camp site. He patched her up and they spent the rest of the night talking. After that night, they both decided to travel together, and from that a romance blossomed, as they traveled around trying to survive together.

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