Vignelli Reflection Post

Vignelli Reflection Post

This week we had to read this article on Massimo Vignelli, one of the most famous graphic designer to date. He was born and grew up in Milan, where he studied architecture, and eventually got a scholarship to go to the Chicago Institute of Design. He got married and moved to Chicago, where he and his wife founded the company Unimar International, which focuses on graphic design for larger companies. He went on to create some of the most famous pieces of graphic design art, including the old American Airlines logo, the New York subway map, and the Helvetica font.

After reading about Massimo Vignelli’s life and looking at a lot of his work, I can truly see how he puts his own personal style into each of his pieces. The article mentioned his simplistic yet effective style, and that can be seen especially in his design of the New York Subway map. Vignelli has proved that one is able to take even the most simple designs and have it portray complex information easily. He has also stated that anyone can design anything, and that we must simply look at the things we do in our everyday life in order to find our own developed design style. Vignelli has shown many that even though they do not have a complex design style, even the simplest things can be considered great works of graphic design art.

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