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Can’t Help Falling in Love Lyrics Video

To finish this week, I decided to complete the Create a Lyric Video assignment, where we have to create a lyric video for a song. For this assignment, I chose the song “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley, because I love how the slow tempo and harmonies pull the listener in with an […]

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Jack Ryan Crack

This week I decided to complete the Video Crack video assignment, where you have to take a scene from a movie or TV show and add music over it to enhance the scene. I chose a scene from the Amazon Prime show Jack Ryan, where it shows an assassin attacking Jack mixed with scenes from […]

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Signing Words

I chose another easy one star assignment for this next video project, the Signing Words video assignment. In it, we have to finger spell a word and have others guess what it is. During my time in quarantine, I got bored of watching TV and playing video games, so I decided to learn a little […]

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My Room Boomerang

To start off the video assignments this week, I decided to do an easier one and chose the You Room video assignment. In it, you are suppose to take a boomerang video of your room. At first, I was hesitant about doing this assignment, because my room is not always the cleanest, but after 20 […]

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