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Noir Valentine Card

This week I chose to complete the Noir Valentines design assignment, where we have to pick a noir themed photo, then make it into a noir themed Valentines Day card. I always enjoyed black and white movies, and thus enjoyed many movies in the noir genre. I chose an image that I thought best suited […]

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Are We There Yet?

So this week we had to complete the designs assignment Are We There Yet? In this assignment, we have to take a picture that contains a person in it, and edit it to show that person in a different place, where they do not belong. Here are the two original photos I chose to combine. […]

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Confusing Contradiction

This week, I did the Contradiction Creation design assignment, where we have to take an inspiring image and use it as a background for a quote that gives the opposite feeling. I did this by finding a somewhat inspirational image and inserting a text box over it, with a pessimistic quote. I have never been […]

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Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

So for this week, I chose to do the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing design assignment, where we are to take two competing companies and swap one design with the words of another. I completed this assignment by clearing the text of one and replacing it with the text of another. I chose to swap the […]

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Missing Elf

This week I decided to do the Missing Person design assignment, and I chose to do this with Buddy the Elf. I completed this project by inserting a picture of Buddy onto a blank canvas and adding text boxes next to them.

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