Author: Maryanne

Photo Safari

Today I did a photo safari, which is pretty similar to a photo scavenger hunt in 15 minutes. Here are each of the pictures I took (they can also be found in the Photo Safari Album on my Flikr).

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What’s a Spubble?

So this week I learned that spubble is a shortened way to say “speech bubble”. For this assignment, we are suppose to chose a photo where we are making a face, then put in a speech bubble saying something funny. After I read the instructions for this assignment, I knew exactly which picture I was […]

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That’s Not What I Expected!

For my first Visual Assignment, I decided to pick one that sounded like a lot of fun! The assignment was to take a picture of an everyday object zoomed in and see if people can guess what it is. So I took my camera and began walking around my house looking for interesting things to […]

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Week 1/2 Summary

Well the first couple of days of digital storytelling were very interesting for me. Though it was very overwhelming at first, I was able to set up my web page and all my social media accounts. I had a bit of a hard time customizing my web page, mainly because I had no idea what […]

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Hello! My name is Maryanne D’Souza, and I am very excited to be learning about digital storytelling this summer! I am currently a junior attending the University of Mary Washington, and I am studying Computer Science. Below I have listed all my social media accounts, which can also be found in the side bar on […]

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