Moon Graffiti

Moon Graffiti

This week we had to listen to an audio story called “Moon Graffiti” which tells a story as if the moon landing was unsuccessful and Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were stuck on the moon. The story is done by a group of people from “The Truth Podcast”, and can be found below.

The story is based off of a pre-written speech for Richard Nixon, made just in case the moon landing failed. It begins with a fake radio transmission between mission control and the crew of the Apollo 11 as they are about to touch down on the moon. The spacecraft takes a hard hit on the landing and causes the crew to be stranded with no communication back to earth. The story then goes into the conversation between Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin as they leave the spacecraft and begin walking around the moon. The story uses many subtle background sounds and music, along with the added effect of a headset sound over the actors’ voices. They talk about how they only have two hours left to live, and the fact that their bodies will have to be recovered. They dishearteningly set up the flag and the memorial for all the previous astronauts that had died. Both astronauts decide to write something into the dirt, as the mission to get their bodies will find it. The story then tells how Buzz starts going crazy from oxygen deprivation, and ends with Buzz and Neil laying on the moon looking at the stars while Nixon begins his speech on how they will be calling the moon their final resting place.

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