Create A Place

Create A Place

This week I chose to complete the Create A Place audio assignment, where we had to find different audio clips of background noises and combine them together to create an environment just using sound. I was able to do this by getting a lot of the background sounds from, and reducing the volume of certain clips until they all connected nicely.

I decided to create the atmosphere of a medieval tavern, because I enjoy playing the game Dungeons and Dragons with my friends. So please adventurer, hang up your sword, grab a tankard of ale, take a seat, and enjoy the Blue Moon Tavern!

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  • Casey says:

    Hey this was really good! I honestly can’t think of any constructive criticism for this because it flowed well, the timing was good, and the sounds supported the atmosphere and the story you were trying to tell. The only sound I couldn’t place was the sound of something sort of crackling or snapping throughout the video. Was that supposed to be the candles burning or maybe a fireplace?

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